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37th National Veterans Wheelchair Games – Cincinnati, OH
Nearly 600 veterans from across the country participate each year in the National Veterans Wheelchair Games.  This year’s event will take place July 17 – July 22 in Cincinnati, OH. Veterans compete in a variety of adaptive sports, including wheelchair basketball, quad rugby, archery, triathlon, track and field, swimming, softball, slalom, nine ball and boccia. #NVWG




Co-Presented by the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Paralyzed Veterans of America, the National Veterans Wheelchair Games (NVWG) is a rehabilitation and wheelchair sports program empowering Veterans with spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, amputations and other neurological injuries to live more active and healthy lives through wheelchair sports and recreation.

Each summer, Veterans from across the United States, including a team from Great Britain, travel to a new community hosting the NVWG. During the week, Veterans compete in 18 wheelchair sports events while providing encouragement and mentoring for new Veterans. Veterans at the Games truly educate newly disabled Veterans on what is possible and those witnessing the events realize that limitations are only state of mind.

Who Can Participate?

Any Veteran with a Spinal Cord Injury, Multiple Sclerosis, Amputation or other neurological injury that uses wheelchair for sport, and, must be eligible for care in the VA.

Paralyzed Veterans of America/Department of Veterans Affairs Partnership

Since 1985, Paralyzed Veterans of America and the Department of Veterans Affairs have joined forces to work collaboratively to organize and execute the NVWG. This partnership enables the strengths of both organizations to come together to make the NVWG one of the largest annual wheelchair sports programs and truly a world class event!

Taking the partnership to the next level… This is not just a one week experience… VA Rehabilitation Programs and Paralyzed Veterans of America chapters across the country work to empower Veterans to be more active and healthy in their daily lives by getting them involved in sports and recreation programs highlighting fitness, social networking, and community involvement. Sports and recreation reinforce critical values necessary for health while combating the risk of isolation, depression, and other factors associated with health. That is what the Games are about!

How to Get Involved

Start preparing now! Remember, it’s not about what you do the week of the Games, but rather what you do every week at home! Contact your local VA therapist or Paralyzed Veterans Chapter representative to begin.

We can help direct you in the right direction locally, give us a call.

Dave Tostenrude, NVWG Director, Department of Veterans Affairs

Tom Brown, Paralyzed Veterans Sports Consultant

To Support or Become a Sponsor for the National Veterans Wheelchair Games:

100% of donations received for the National Veterans Wheelchair Games go to directly support the operational expenses of the Games.

Christine Kirkley, 202-416-7743

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