Frequently Asked Questions

Please search below for answers to common questions about the National Veterans Wheelchair Games. Our official mobile app is also a very useful resource!

If you still need assistance, please contact the appropriate person and we’ll be happy to help.


We encourage you to stay at one of the official hotels to take advantage of the reduced room rates as well as networking. You will be able to book reservations online. Information will be posted to the website in early 2020.

Our hotel blocks are reserved for participating athletes, and they receive first priority in booking. We make every effort to accommodate our athletes’ families and caregivers with the remaining rooms we have, but we can make no guarantee as to space and availability.

Please email All accessible rooms must be requested through PVA; they may not be reserved through the hotels.

Each registered athlete will receive a debit card to cover cost of meals not otherwise provided by the Wheelchair Games. Please see the mobile app for more details. The Wheelchair Games meal debit cards cannot be used by staff or VA employees.

Unfortunately, we are not able to replace meal cards or gift cards.

You’ll find this information on the Dining page of the official Program Book.

We can only provide food and drink for participating athletes. Food establishments are available in and around the Convention Center.

The Wheelchair Games’ medical support is intended only for acute and emergency care that may arise during the event. Chronic medical needs such as wound dressing changes, bowel and bladder care, or providing routine medical supplies is the responsibility of each individual. The Wheelchair Games medical team will not be able to provide routine care.

DME rooms are located in each of the athlete hotels. Check with the Guest Services desk for the exact location in your hotel, or check the official Wheelchair Games mobile app under “Hotel Information.”

Additional equipment will be given out based on availability. Stop by the DME room at your hotel for more information.

Owners are responsible for supporting their own service animals. Accommodations for participating service animals are currently being reviewed by the Wheelchair Games; more information will be released in the spring of 2020.

All Wheelchair Games events are open to the public, and general admission is free. Please come cheer for our veteran athletes!

Yes, children are welcome to attend and watch the Wheelchair Games. Kids Day is a particularly popular event among families.

If you have a child with a physical disability between the ages of 6 and 18 and would like to participate in Kids Day, please contact Keith Cooper. Participation is free, but funding is not available to support travel costs.

We offer loaner equipment for some sporting events, while other events require participants to procure their own. All competitors must bring their own wheelchairs.

Novice athletes receive priority assignment for loaner equipment, if available. All loaner equipment will require a driver’s license to be held until the equipment is returned. Any damage to the equipment will be the responsibility of the veteran athlete.

Please note that we cannot guarantee availability of equipment at the Wheelchair Games. Please see the Events & Rules guide for more information.

Here are some tips to help you make the most of your experience:

  • For all events, please arrive one hour before the published start time. If you fail to check-in by the published start time, you will forfeit your team spot to the next veteran on the stand-by list for the tournament. Once the brackets begin, athletes failing to report will be disqualified.
  • Please be mindful of your event schedule and the transportation time between locations. Some events may be held outside the Convention Center and require extra time for transportation.
  • We recommend you download the official Wheelchair Games mobile app for event information and real-time updates.

Check the Medals page of the official Program Book for pickup times, as well as the date, time, and location of the Awards Ceremony. 

Each hotel has a Guest Services desk located in the lobby. Additionally, an Operations Center and information desks will be located throughout the Convention Center. Check the mobile app for exact locations.

Parking information, including locations and rates, can be found under General Information on the official Wheelchair Games mobile app. The VA and PVA will not reimburse athletes, coaches, or other attendees for vehicle parking.

Parking is available at the hotels. The DoubleTree has self-parking at $27 per night. Rates range $29 - $52 for valet at all hotels.

Please note, parking is limited in the downtown Portland area. We recommend taking public transportation if at all possible.

You will be able view the full photo album on PVA’s Flickr page. Photos will be organized by event. You can browse photos from past Wheelchair Games as well.

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Participation is open to U.S. veterans with spinal cord injuries, amputations, multiple sclerosis, or other neurological conditions who require a wheelchair for competition. Physical disabilities must impact mobility and be both permanent and measurable. Exclusionary primary diagnoses include but are not limited to pain, arthritis, and emotional and psychological conditions.

All veterans registering for the Wheelchair Games must be eligible to receive care at a VA medical facility. You do not need to be a PVA member, though we encourage you to learn more about membership as part of the experience. For more information, see the registration packet.

There is no cost to sign up for the Wheelchair Games. However, athletes, coaches, and caregivers are responsible for all personal travel expenses beyond what the Wheelchair Games provides. See more information below about Hotel Accommodations and Meals.

The Wheelchair Games provides limited financial assistance to first-time, novice veteran athletes who have no other financial support. Learn more.

Funding may be available at the local level. We recommend reaching out to your local PVA Chapter to see what funding is available.

Yes. The Wheelchair Games is open to both men and women veterans. In all events, athletes compete against others with similar athletic ability, competitive experience, or age.

You may have registered online, but your application is not complete until we receive your medical and release forms. We assign events based on the order of completed registrations, so please submit your forms promptly. Please direct any questions to

By nature, all Wheelchair Games events involve some level of physical activity. We encourage you to train for the events you are registered for, but this is not necessary.

If you are new to wheelchair sports and the Wheelchair Games, you will have the option to compete either in the Novice category or in your appropriate age division. All veterans compete in their selected division for all events.

The Wheelchair Games encompasses sporting events that are available to veteran athletes across the country and throughout the year. For the best experience, we recommend finding an event that interests you, getting involved at home, and practicing. If you aren’t sure how to begin, talk to your local VA therapist or PVA Chapter Sports Director.

Veterans are not required to be a member of a team and can compete as an independent. However, we encourage all athletes to attend the Wheelchair Games with fellow veterans from their region. If you do not know how to join a team, please contact us at and we can assist.

All athletes must go through classification. There are two type of classifications: temporary and permanent.

Temporary classification is for those whose medical condition has not stabilized or whose situation warrants review every year (i.e., progressive MS or ALS). You will be assigned permanent classification if your medical condition is permanent/stable and will not change in the future (i.e., amputation or spinal cord injury). If your condition changes or you have signed up for a new event that requires reclassification, you must go through classification again.

Officials, classifiers, and the medical teams can request a classification review on any athlete at any time. This is done in an effort to assure the fairness of the competition.

We welcome families and caregivers to the Wheelchair Games, and we make every attempt to accommodate our guests. Please note that seating is first come, first served.

Yes, we will offer athletes accessible transportation to offsite venues on competition days. The transportation schedule will be released in May 2020. Onsite, you will be able to view the full schedule on the Wheelchair Games mobile app.

We do not provide accessible transportation to restaurants or any location outside of the official Wheelchair Games events. You’ll find a list of accessible taxi cab companies on the Wheelchair Games mobile app.

The official Wheelchair Games mobile app is your go-to resource for event information, real-time schedule updates and notifications, an interactive Expo floor plan, and more. You can download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Get more information here.

You must be logged in to customize the official Wheelchair Games mobile app. When viewing an event in the app, tap on the calendar icon to add it to your schedule. 

Go to the Settings on your device and locate the Notifications section. You should see a list of all of your downloaded apps. Scroll down to the National Veterans Wheelchair Games app and select it. This should allow you to turn notifications on.