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2023 Information

  1. Novice Veterans – A Veteran who is new to the NVWG in Portland or was new at the 2022 NVWG in Tempe, can compete in the Novice category. Veterans may choose to bypass being a Novice and compete in Open or the appropriate age division, but then must compete in all their events in that division.
  2. New Medal Event: PICKELBALL — Competition will be Doubles (Para’s; Quads, Mixed Gender). This is subject to change after we see how many register for the event. Manual chairs only. Veterans can compete in pre-set pairs (both must be registered for Pickleball) or we will pair up Veteran athletes. Tournament will be double elimination; games will be to a score of 11 with a 15-min time limit per game. Mercy rule will be in effect if game becomes 8-0.
  1. New Event Competition Changes for 2023:
  • Air Pistol: New Class: (P1) Single Hand, no support. (P2) Two Hand and prone position allowed (resting elbows on table).
  • Adaptive Fitness: Competition changes to: II, III, IV, V, IA, IB, IC by Division and Gender.
  • Archery:
    • Novice Competitors only shoot at 10m range.
    • DQ Rule! – If at any time (practice or competition) a competitor misses the target: (1) if the miss causes damage to the facility, the competitor is immediately disqualified and is responsible for the damage. (2) If the miss doesn’t cause damage, the first miss is a warning and the second will result in a disqualification.
  • Bowling: Returning competition to: II, III, IV, V, IA, IB, IC by Division and Gender
  • Cycling: The competition distance is 21K for all competitors, except IA, which is 7K.
  • Disc Golf—Competition will be by combined classes of II-III, IV-V, and IA,IB,IC. No Divisions.
  • Swimming is BACK!
  • For events offered in-person in Portland and in the atHOME events, Veterans have to choose the setting, and cannot compete in both, with the exception of eSports.
  1. 2023 NVWG atHOME Events:
  • Veterans will have from June 19-30, 2023, to submit results for the atHOME events.
  • Veterans must complete a full NVWG registration to compete in the atHOME events.
  • 2023 NVWG atHOME events are: (full descriptions provided in the NVWG Event Guide)

Archery         Cycling          Trap Shooting          Adaptive Fitness          Air Rifle

Bowling         eSports (note – the eSports competition will occur online July 5)

  • Veterans attending the NVWG in Portland will have to choose between the events offered atHOME or the event in Portland—they cannot do both. (i.e., Archery, Cycling, Bowling, Air Rifle, Adaptive Fitness).
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