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2022 Information

CURLING – Limited to 120 Veterans, 20 Veterans per session. Wheelchair curling is governed by the World Curling Federation, and is one of the sports in the Winter Paralympic Games.  This is an incredibly accessible and enjoyable sport!

Wheelchair Curling is an adaptation of Curling for athletes with a disability affecting their lower limbs or gait. Wheelchair curling is played with the same stones and on the same ice as regular curling, though the stones are thrown from a stationary wheelchair and there is no sweeping. Stones may be thrown by hand while leaning over the side of the wheelchair, or pushed by a delivery stick. This is a pole with a bracket that fits over the rock handle, allowing the rock to be pushed while applying correct rotation. Stones delivered between the house (target) and the hogline (fault line) must be placed within 18 inches either side of the center line and must be released prior to reaching the hogline.

Sessions will include initial education, instruction, & competition.

Considerations: The air temperature while on the ice is in the low 40’s, so dress accordingly.

Equipment: Standard curling sticks, as well as modified sticks for class 1A, 1B, & 1C that can be attached to a power wheelchair to allow use of momentum from driving the power wheelchair to deliver the stone.

PICKLEBALL– Limited to 48 Veterans, 16 per session. Pickleball is an emerging sport across the US and beyond that can be played competitively or just for fun with family. Wheelchair pickleball is the game of pickleball where one or more players on the pickleball court are in a wheelchair.

Players in a wheelchair must be seated at all times and cannot stand in the wheelchair. Wheelchair pickleball generally has the same rules as singles pickleball or doubles pickleball for standing players, with a few exceptions. Examples include: wheelchair users use larger pickleball court size; the wheelchair is considered part of the player’s body, a wheelchair pickleball player is allowed to hit a ball off a double bounce, on a serve the wheelchair player’s rear wheels must be in a correct serving area at the point of contact during the serve; non-volley zone faults are based on the back wheels of a wheelchair.

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