Competition and Classification

National Veterans Wheelchair Games Competition – How does it work?

All attempts to follow community wheelchair sport specific standards and rules for each of the event are made. However, in many cases, this is not practical given the logistics and resources necessary to accomplish. Sport specific classifications involve a combined physical evaluation and sport skill evaluations in many cases. The NVWG cannot add days to the event to accomplish. As a result, we work to be fair and consistent while providing the highest quality of competition.


Athletes are evaluated by a physical examinationNVWG Classification image determining what classification the individual will compete in to ensure fair competition among those with similar degrees of disability.

Quadriplegics are classified into three classes (1A,1B, 1C) and Paraplegics into four (II, III, IV, V). Amputees are assigned to one of the classes based on their level of amputation. Other disability groups, such as multiple sclerosis, stroke or other conditions will be classified based on level of impairment.

DIVISIONS: (Novice, Open, Masters and Senior). Veterans are further categorized into age and experience to help level the competition.

Novice: Veterans who participated for one year or less in a wheelchair sporting event and have never participated in the NVWG.
Open: All competitors who have competed in sanctioned wheelchair sports competition or past NVWG.
Masters: Competitors who are 40-59 years old may compete in the Masters Division, or they may choose to compete in the Open Division.
Senior: Competitors who are 60 and older may compete in the Seniors Division or they may choose to compete in the Open Division.

BY GENDER: Self-Explanatory


For Softball, Basketball, Quad Rugby, Power Soccer, Veterans are assigned a point value based on a combination of their classification and skills. Teams can only have a limited number of players (points) on the playing field at any time. There are also time requirements that each member of the team must play in a single game or the team forfeits the match. Teams are put together at the National Veterans Wheelchair Games balancing strengths and experience of competitors to support a dynamic tournament while providing a positive experience and education for the Novice Veterans.


The following events deviate from the NVWG Class, Division and/or Gender competition:
1. Track – 600m Biathlon – This is a new event fort the 2015 NVWG. We are evaluating the competition and combining the Para Class and the Quad Class.
2. Boccia – We are following the national standards for Boccia that have men and women competing against each other in each class.
3. Handcycling (10K) – Competition combines the Classes II-III; IV-V; 1C-1B. With the correct equipment and practice, the advantage is not significant between these classification groupings. We have monitored the results since 2003 and the competition has been outstanding.
4. Air Rifle & Air Pistol – We follow IPC Shooting Rules and Classification from USA Shooting.
5. Weight Lifting – Weight Categories follow Wheelchair and Ambulatory Sports USA standards and the classification groups are set up to support the NVWG event.