NVWG Events: Boccia

The competition is limited to those Veterans competing IA, IB and IC classification groups. Boccia will be played as individual tournament and not gender specific.14758766218_3ac408bce4_o

The object of the game is to throw or roll game (target) balls so that they land as close as possible to the target ball (Jack). The game begins with a player throwing the jack onto the court followed by one of their target balls. The opponent then throws their target balls attempting to get closer to the Jack. They repeat until this is accomplished. Players alternate until all target balls (6 per player) are thrown. When all the balls have been thrown, a referee determines the points awarded to the player who’s ball(s) are closest to the Jack. Points equal the number of the players target balls closest to the Jack. Players have 4 minutes to throw all their target balls, ramp players have 6 minutes. There are four “ends” or rounds to each match. Most points after the 4 rounds wins.

For more information:

Blaze Sports
535 N McDonough St
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(404) 270-2036