NVWG Events: Basketball

14725884247_9aaeb400c3_oNational Wheelchair Basketball Association (NWBA) rules will be followed. No shot clock will be used. There is no double dribble; a player is entitled to two pushes before he/she must pass, shoot, dribble again or a traveling violation is committed. The wheelchair is considered part of the player’s body in ruling physical fouls. All players must remain firmly seated in the wheelchair at all times, not using a functional leg or stump for a physical advantage over an opponent. Any infraction constitutes a physical advantage foul, which is penalized like a non-contact technical foul.

Three levels of player classification are used to balance the teams: Class I, Class II and Class III. No more than three Class III players are allowed per team on the court at any one time. Women players on a men’s team may roster one class level below their actual medical classification level. All players on each team must play for 10 minutes per game.

The tournament will be a modified double elimination with at third and fourth place playoff and a first and second place playoff. Equipment – Wheelchair footrests must have a roll bar or be padded to protect the floor. Rear push handles and push bars must be padded. All chairs must have a leg strap. The height of the seat rail must be no more than 21”. Measurement must be made from the ground or court to the top of the seat rail bar with the player in the chair. All chairs will be measured prior to the game.

For more information:
National Wheelchair Basketball Association
1130 Elkton Street, Suite C
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
(719) 266-4082