NVWG Events: Archery

Competition is conducted including both Recurve and Compound Bows. The distance and rounds will include 6 ends at 50 meters and 6 ends at 30 meters. The target facing is 122cm. The Compound Bow with a peak draw of 60 pounds or less may be used.


  • No loaner equipment is provided.
  • All equipment must conform to USA Archery rules.
  • Finger protections to draw, hold and release the string are permitted, provided they do not incorporate any device to help hold and/or release the string.
  • On the bow hand, ordinary gloves or similar hand covering may be worn, but not attached to the grip.
  • Compound Bow – a release aid must not be attached in any way to the bow nor incorporate electric or electronic devices.
  • Visual aids may be used for spotting arrows.

For more information:
Disabled Archery USA
PO Box 698
Langley, WA 98260
(360) 321-5979