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The Kids Day event at the National Veterans Wheelchair Games offers local children with physical disabilities an opportunity to interact with wheelchair athletes competing in the Games. Under the guidance of these experienced athlete mentors, the children will enjoy learning about and participating in adaptive sports activities. This year’s activities will be boccia, slalom and softball.

Kids Day promotes a fun and active lifestyle to children with physical disabilities while fostering important life skills such as teamwork and determination. Participating kids will have an opportunity to learn about and play each sport. At the conclusion of the event, veteran athlete mentors will present the children with their own gold medal for participating in this year’s Kids Day event.

This year’s Kid Day event will take place on Saturday, July 13, 12 pm to 2 pm

Kids Day Registration – Parents / Guardians

Veterans interested in being a Kids Day mentor should register at the link below:

Kids Day Mentor Registration

Due to the overwhelming response by Veterans, your registration does not guarantee that you will be chosen as a mentor. As a precaution we are implementing a background check of all mentors who are selected. Once selections have been made, a follow up email will be sent informing you if you have been selected. Additional information about the event will be sent at that time. Mentor registration will close April 12, 2019.

This year’s activities will be slalom, softball and a pizza lunch.

For more information, please email Keith Cooper at

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